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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  May 12, 2010 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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have never submitted themselves to interviews. that's been a routine. they don't submit themselves to interviews before they go through confirmation. but the white house has gone overboard, i think some would suggest, in terms of the control of all of this. they've posted a sort of pseudo interview on their website. it appears she is speaking in her own words, being interviewed. and it turns out that the interviewer is not a journalist, it's a white house staff member. doesn't this seem to you like they are really crossing a number of lines here when it comes to journalism and the proper approach to selling a justice? >> this white house has always tried to sort of leap over reporters to a large extent and photographers as well, to communicate directly with those people who would be in the public who will click on their website and want to learn more about her. it appears like an interview. but people who are watching it should know it was produced and done completely by the white house. that means it will only deal with things that they believe are favorable and contribute to the narrative of who is elena
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kagan, what's her background. she talks about her childhood. she talks about her work in law school, her love of the law. things that are certainly glossy and friendly. but it is not an interview. and as you point out, typically justices do not do interviews. it's rare. it does happen, but it's rare. so these behind the scenes meetings are a chance for real questions and answers. and unlike sonia sotomayor as she chatted a bit as she walked around the senate last year, so far elena has just said hello. no chance for reporters to interact. that debate of how far does the white house go in its packaging is really a lively one that deals with lots of issues and certainly now with the supreme court nominee. >> thank you very much, kelly o'donnell. a virtual tie. less than a week away from pennsylvania's democratic primary. anti-incumbent fever has really evaporated. senator's arlen specter --
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today's quinnipiac poll shows the democrats are divided. democratic senator arlen specter now joins us live from capitol hill. senator, this is a lot tighter than anyone ever thought it would be. what do you think is going on here? are you having a hard time selling yourself to democrats as a newly converted democrat? >> well, andrea, when my opponent spends $1.5 million on television last week, you can expect him to go up in the polls. i am being received by the democrats very favorably. the democratic state committee endorsed me overwhelmingly. the president of the united states is doing a television message for me. joe biden, whom i've road the train with for the better part of three decades knows me inside out. look here, in my tenure in the
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senate i've been independent, voting perhaps more often with democrats on the big issues than republicans. i support a woman's right to choose. i led the fight against war. against wiretapping. against guantanamo, many favor of raising the minimum wage. so i have been well received by the democrats. >> well, you mentioned the woman's right to choose. the national abortion rights committee has now endorsed joe sestak. this just in from the ap. s is that a big setback? >> andrea, that's not news. that was done months ago. they gave me a 90% rating. but my record for women's issues is very, very strong. the ledbetter race, raises for women, hiring women on my staff. very, very strong with the
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women's vote. in the polls i'm leading him very decisively with the women. >> does the nomination of elena kagan put you on the spot? you've had a number of interesting mointerest ing moments, we should say, in the confirmation of many of these supreme court justices. here you've got someone you voted against for solicitor general. trying to persuade democrats you're a true blue democrat. you voted against someone so close to the president. now his nominee to the supreme court. you're going to have to defend that vote against kagan? >> well, she's not closer to the president than i am. he's endorsed me for this seat. but dealing with the issue directly, a supreme court nominee doesn't have to answer questions. in fact, shouldn't as a matter of judicial independence. when she was up for solicitor general, and i put all of this in detail in her record, i
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wanted to know what she would do on urging the supreme court to take the case of the holocaust victims against an insurance company. or what she would do with the survivors and the victims of 9/11. where the state department didn't want the supreme court to hear the case because of their relationship with saudi arabia. and the congress had said that sovereign immunity was not a defense. and when she declined to answer those questions, i thought she should have. but as i said on the supreme court, i've got an open mind. expect to talk to her tomorrow morning. and i'll be available to tell you what my thinking is. >> now, the president, of course, very kmem ra bli did not go to massachusetts, did not campaign against senator brown. and we know what happened there. is there any effort, aside from
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the commercial that he's done for you, to bring the president in at the last moment and try to turn this around and guarantee that you will beat your challenger? >> andrea, i'm bringing him in practically on every moment. >> but a personal appearance. you know, a rally. a big rally on monday wouldn't hurt, would it? >> it certainly wouldn't hurt. but he's a busy guy. he's busy with karzai. he's busy with the oil spill. and -- >> is he trying to avoid being tied to one whom he's not sure is going to win? >> how could you even ask that question seriously, andrea? he's all over radio. >> what about joe biden? he was planning to be there. now he's got quite the problem with beau. was he planning to appear for you this week? >> well, he came in a few days ago to scranton. he's doing a lot of the interviews, and he's speaking up. let me tell you something you might not know.
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it costs about $18,000 to bring somebody in on "air force two." if your real thrust of your question, are these people for m me, doing everything they can, the answer is absolutely yes. >> you refer to the campaign ad, sestak campaign ad. let me show a little of it. it futures you and george w. bush. is that the ad that you think has been so devastating in the polls? let's watch. >> for 45 years, arlen specter has been a republican politician. >> arlen specter is the right man for the united states senate. i can count on this man. that's important. he's a firm ally. >> but now -- >> my change in party will enable me to be re-elected. >> arlen specter switched parties to save one job. his. >> is it hard to make the sale,
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senator, when you've been a republican for so many decades, and now most recently, last night again in allegheny county you said i thank the allegheny republican committee for endorsing me for the democratic nomination and a great pleasure to be endorsed by the allegheny republicans. together we'll win for victory. a slip. there was a similar slip some months back. does that make it harder to say you're a true blue democratic? >> listen, when you rush out of the senate, hop on a jet, you may misspeak. i'm not as professional as you are, andrea, as a tv personality. let me get to the real point. let's go back to my vote on the stimulus. at that time if i had voted with the republican caucus, had voted against the stimulus, and --
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>> the likely republican opponent? >> he's going to be the republican nominee in the fall. but he was out at the primary. so i had a clear shot at the nomination and a clear shot being nominated in an off year with the party out of power being in the dominant position. as a matter of principle, i put my political career on the line, which i said on the senate floor, by voting for the stimulus to save this country from sliding into a 1929 depression. now, that was the breaking point. they had always called me a rino, republican in name only, and the republican party had moved so far to the right they kicked governor crist out. you have john mccain, the question to whether he's sufficiently conservative to win
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a republican primary in arizona. so that that vote was a matter of principle. and it backed up what i had done consistently, as i have specified, by voting with the democrats more often than with the -- with republicans. biden and rendell and the president urged me to come back in and join the obama team. and i cast the critical vote, 60th vote, to cut off the filibuster and pass a comprehensive health care insurance. so president obama, vice president biden, governor rendell, the democratic committee, state committee, i'm taking my case to the people and i'll abide by their verdict, andrea. >> you've got a 40-year career in politics. how worried are you after what happened to senator bob bennett? >> i am doing everything i can,
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andrea. i'm asserting every ounce of my considerable vim, vigor and vitality in this campaign. i'm not making any predictions. i'm just slugging it out. >> we know you're a fighter. thank you very much. arlen specter. >> it's a pleasure, andrea. coming up next, is all forgiven with afghan president hamid karzai? is a vsavannah guthrie up next. senators john kerry and joe lieberman will unveil their long awaited climate bill. [ male announcer ] fishing pole, it's been a while. you stood in the basement gathering dust while i, sneezing, itching eyes kept you from our favorite stream. the one that runs through a field where pollen floats through the air. but now, with the strength of 24-hour zyrtec® to relieve my worst allergy symptoms, indoors and outdoors... let's go before the fish stop biting. they won't wait for us. but that's okay. zyrtec® is the fastest 24-hour allergy medicine. today, we battle wits with the trout. with zyrtec® i can love the air®.
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the united states supports the efforts of the afghan government to open the door to taliban who cut their ties to al
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qaeda, abandon violence and accept the afghan constitution. >> president obama today trying to smooth things over with president karzai of afghanistan. let's bring in nbc news white house correspondent savannah guthrie, cohost of "the daily rundown" every day at 9:00. good to see you. big day there at the white house. the two presidents, they couldn't have been cozier. >> reporter: no, yeah. they really rolled out the red carpet and are continuing to do so. even going to have a stroll in georgetown between secretary of state hillary clinton and president karzai tomorrow. what a difference a few weeks make. you and i remember, andrea, a couple weeks ago there was a real war of words between the karzai administration and some members of president obama's staff. and this seems to be a real shift. the president signaling to his -- they're trying to emphasize the positive today. both karzai and president obama talked about the relationship. almost in marital terms. any relationship has its ups and downs.
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but over the long term they have the same interests and the same goals. there's really an effort here to move forward and put some of the ugliness of the past behind them. and the president, by the way, said some of that was overstated. something i've heard other senior officials here say. >> i don't know how you could overstate it, though, savannah. it was pretty tough. >> reporter: it was. no question about it. i think what they're referring to is kind of the what initiated the latest round which was, of course, the president going over to afghanistan and meeting with president karzai. general jones made some remarks later -- or actually it might have even before before the meeting about how the president planned to really tell karzai you've got to do something about corruption. there are all these things that haven't been done. when word of that got back to karzai, that's when he really escalated. senior officials say actually the president raised those issues, but it wasn't exactly this hectoring or dressing down that it started to get portrayed as in the press. that's the story here. they don't want to talk about
1:17 pm
the past, andrea. they say they're moving forward. >> karzai really took offense that the national security adviser on the flight over would on the record call him to task. he then exploded. i think what they decided from what you've been able to report, what i've been able to report, is that you don't get anywhere with karzai. he's the only game in town right now. they've got to deal with him. you don't get anywhere with him by pushing his back up against the wall. they sent in general mcchrystal and general petraeus, with whom he prefers to deal. and he's had dodgey relations with ambassador eikenberry, a former general who's an ambassador there. >> reporter: no question. it goes back. there was a time when he had difficulties with ambassador holbrooke. a lot of folks have a history with karzai. vice president biden's another one who has been explicit about his frustrations. but i think your calculus is exactly on point. they recognize that this tough love approach, whether it was concerted or something that just kind of happened, wasn't paying
1:18 pm
dividends. and if nothing else they want to be strategic about it, pragmatic about it. what's going to help us get our objectives achieved. and they've calculated that karzai's who we've got right now. they decided to say he is the legitimate elected leader of afghanistan. that being the case, he's the one they've got to work with. >> interesting that the president today spoke explicitly and very, you know, pointedly about concerns about civilian deaths which has been one of karzai's big concern. and that karzai took the time to see wounded warriors to show that he, at least, showed some sign that he understands the sacrifices that americans are making. >> reporter: yeah. i thought that was really interesting. i was there at the news conference, and it was really striking. because, of course, it was an afghan journalist who asked president karzai about civilian casualties. she did not address that question to president obama. and yet later president obama reached out to answer it and gave really an extended soliloquy about civilian casualties, saying he takes no
1:19 pm
pleasure when there's a civilian casualty. that american soldiers at great risk to themselves often try to avoid civilian casualties. there's no question he really wanted to deliver that message to the afghan people. >> thank you very mufch. of course, karzai remains in town. an unusual four-day visit. his cabinet ministry all surrounding him. capitol visits up on the hill. the shopping trip through georgetown. >> reporter: don't forget the stroll, andrea. >> watch savannah and chuck todd every weekday morning 9:00 teer eastern. coming up, politico's jonathan martin on why next tuesday could be the most important day yet in the mid-term cycle. first, david letterman with some advice for big oil. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. >> if you're a big oil company and you're trying to sell oil and you're trying to pretend it's okay, it's a bad thing to have a 200,000 gallon a day oil
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there's a political rebellion going on in america. senator bennett found out on saturday. representative mullahan found out on tuesday night. and it's politicians beware. >> politicians beware. house minority leader john boehner just hours ago with a grim warning for incumbents. some big political names are facing tough primary challenges this year including as we've just seen pennsylvania democrat arten specter. specter who switched parties slipped up twice last night, thinking allegheny county republicans instead of democrats out there in western p.a. politico's senior political reporter jonathan martin was there last night and joins us on the phone. jonathan, tell me about the
1:24 pm
reaction in the room. is it a forgiving reaction? he's been there senator for decades and decades. or are democrats suspicion of this newly minted democrat. >> well, andrea, thanks for having me. it was interesting. this is pittsburgh. allegheny county. strong democratic county committee there. and when he first said it at the outset of his remarks last night, the crowd sort of ignored it. then when he closed his remarks and said it again, very, very obvious or nervous laughter, glances. the concept of once we can ignore it. the second time around it definitely left a mark in that room. i think this is sort of symbolic of the challenge senator specter has. he's got the support of a lot of democrats in pennsylvania and washington. he's having a tougher time convincing rank and file democrats he's really one of them. especially given this political climate is not friendly at all
1:25 pm
to insiders. to incumbents. he's got his work cut out for him. >> this is where pittsburgh, philadelphia, the big cities right before the election, this is the get out the vote. this is the big push. this is how it sounded last night in the hall. i think we've got that loaded. >> i thank the allegheny republican committee for endorsing me for the democratic nomination. great pleasure to be endorsed by the allegheny county republicans, and together we'll win for victory. >> old habits die hard. this could be a real close one. we're going to be there next week to watch every last minute of it. meanwhile, let's take a look quickly at arkansas where the mason dixon poll has senator blanche lincoln up. this is against bill halter. d.c. morrison also with 7% of the vote. he's a local businessman. has she saved herself with her big push on derivatives?
1:26 pm
her very tough derivative bill coming out of the agriculture committee which has been controversial in financial regulation circles, but not with the voters? >> well, i think senator lincoln, unlike senator specter, is in a bit better shape right now back home. but she has a similar challenge just in the sense of being part of washington right now is a curse on tough issues of sort of both parties. the issue there is whether or not she's going to avoid a run-off. i think that's the real question. most folks in arkansas expect her to win that primary. the question is, can she avoid the run-off. that's what we're watching tuesday, andrea, in arkansas. >> jonathan martin, thanks so much. coming up, a key member of the senate intelligence committee questioning whether the pakistan taliban really was behind the attempted times square bombing. plus, after a week of political turmoil, britain has a new prime minister. senators joe lieberman and john kerry are about to roll out
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topping the headlines right now on "andrea mitchell reports," a key safety device on the oil rig that exploded in the gulf once working properly. congressman henry waxman says the rig blowout preventer had a leak in the hydraulic system. meanwhile, the white house is now asking congress to lift the cap on an energy company's liability in the cost of covering oil spills. in britain today former rivals david cameron and neck clegg released the details of their deal to form a new coalition government led by cameron, of course, as prime minister, clegg as deputy prime minister. included in that agreement, cutting 6 million pounds from this year's budget. a guardian newspaper there got this exclusive picture
1:31 pm
showing how the back room deal was made. a striking photo of nick clegg's handwritten personal wish list as he was negotiating for days to form the first coalition government in six decades. a libyan transportation minister is ruling out terrorism as the cause of a plane crash in tripoli this morning. amazingly, a 10-year-old dutch boy survived. he was the only person to live through the crash. he is hospitalized with we're told nonlife threatening injuries. the u.s. embassy does not believe there were any americans aboard that flight. new questions today about whether the pakistan taliban really did master mind the time square bomb plot two weeks ago. sunday attorney general holder says we've now developed evidence that shows that the pakistan taliban was behind the attack. kit bond, top republican on the senate intelligence committee is not convinced. senator bond joins us now. good to see you, senator.
1:32 pm
let's talk about your doubts. you don't think the evidence is solid or completely there. you've been briefed. tell us why. >> first, i think the problem is that eric holder has executed a hostile takeover of the intelligence community. and that's hurting us. i think -- >> what do you mean by that? >> i mean he is running it. we tried to get information for the intelligence committee all of last week. the agencies that might know something about the intelligence that was available on shahzad, the times square bomber. we were told by three different agencies the department of justice is controlling it. you're not going to have it. they won't let you have it. that violates the law. >> you have oversight of intelligence. you're supposed to be able to command the griefings from the various agencies. we know what they are. there are 16 of them. there's a director of national intelligence. you're saying the justice department is not briefing them? >> they are -- they are taking it over. they're running it. and sections 501, 502 of the
1:33 pm
national security act require congress, the intelligence committees, be briefed. that's the only side people through their representatives in congress have. we've been shout out. now, the particular problem i have with general holder on this one is there are lots of suspicions, there are lots of assumptions. but i don't believe having looked at it that it shows a solid tie with pakistani taliban. that may welcome out. but you remember what happened when the bush administration went to war in iraq saying there were weapons of mass destruction. well, the intelligence underlying it was not good. here the intelligence underlying it still has lots of questions that need to be answered. they may show the link. but they have not, in my view, shown the link yet. positively. >> senator, i apologize for my voice, getting over this cold. but have you reached out to the justice department and asked for a briefing?
1:34 pm
>> we've reached out. i have a letter about a year ago asking them to provide us information on the gitmo detainees who've been released. we have asked the justice department for information. and we have routinely not gotten a response. i've written letters to the attorney general and have not gotten a response. we got one response a year after we wrote that didn't really respond to it. it takes them a year to give us a nonanswer to questions we ask. the real problem, though, is that the department of justice continues to mirandize or tell these people they have a right to remain quiet when they're terror suspects. there's no need for them to do that. and that jeopardizes our ability to get vital intelligence. >> the miranda warnings did not stop this man from talking. they waited a good long time before giving him his warning. this is not like the christmas bomber where there was 50 minutes or whatever and they had a dispute. and he's still talking. he's waived his right to an
1:35 pm
earlier arraignment. miranda was not a problem here. eric holder did david gregory on sunday he's reviewing whether or not miranda should be suspended in these cases, legally suspe suspended. >> two points. the fact shahzad is talking, that's good. but if they continue to tell these people they do not have to talk, they're going to get some people to shut up as abdulmutallab, the christmas day bomber, did. and i'm glad that the attorney general is now seeing that there's a problem with it. but he wants to keep it as a criminal prosecution matter. when you have a terrorist operating in the united states, possibly with links to overseas terrorist groups, you need to get all the information you can from it. if you're going to prosecute him later, you don't need the statements that he makes to prosecute him. that's -- the miranda warning is only a procedural device if you're going to use the
1:36 pm
statements of the suspect against him. there is no need. we should never start off mirandizing a terror suspect. that is the department of justice has to look at the law and get over that. >> i think in a practical sense in this case, i think you would probably both agree it did not make any difference. it has not impeded the investigation. but you do have a real issue if the justice department is not letting the intelligence agencies in on what they're getting out of these -- one other thing that occurs to me now, senator bond, you know, they say that they are vetting the information that they're getting. that they are tasking the intelligence community to come up with answers as to whether when he says a it really is true or whether it's really something else. so the intelligence agencies have to be clued into what they're getting out of this interrogation. >> well, the intelligence agencies are sharing information. we are not getting the information in the intelligence committee. and one very high ranking
1:37 pm
military official last week at the end of the week told us that shahzad was operating as a lone wolf. and that was the pakistani taliban's original requirement -- or statement. and we need to see what information that all the agencies of the intelligence community can put forward before it can confirm, and you should go out and say it. right now we have -- we have ready, fire, aim. and the department of justice is making the same mistake with intelligence that was made on the weapons of mass destruction before invasion of iraq. that's a danger. >> senator kit bond, the ranking republican on the intelligence committee. again, i apologize for my voice. we're getting through it. thank you very much, andrea. >> thank you, andrea. always a pleasure to talk to you. take some antihistamines. >> medical advice and
1:38 pm
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we're more dependent on foreign oil today than we were before 9/11. we make america more energy independent, we strengthen our national security. >> senator john kerry on "morning joe" today. he and joe lieberman at this hour unveiling their new energy reform gill bill. retired u.s. army general is a senior adviser as the national security network pushing for climate change, pushing for this legislation. thanks so much, general, for joining us. tell us why it is such an important issue for national security for anyone who doesn't -- doesn't get it. >> andrea, thanks for having me on. when you take a look at the defense budget, we're pushing
1:42 pm
north of three quarter trillion dollars. a significant amount of that goes to protecting our lines of communication, protecting our oil base sources. and we are spending our children's future here just to sustain our logistics. and it is a military issue. it is a budgetary issue. and it's a future economic issue for the united states. >> but, of course, this is a terrible climate. no pun intended. to be doing this, presenting this bill now. you've lost the support of the one republican cosponsor, senator lindsay graham over side issues. at the same time, the oil spill. how do you say to americans, you know, this is a time for an energy bill, which includes offshore drilling, when, in fact, we have no answers cyet from bp after all these weeks as to how to begin this fix. >> the real argument is because of energy dependence upon oil,
1:43 pm
because we're really reliant on a 19th century fuel source, we are going after more and more dangerous locations and more and more problematic countries to sustain our billion dollar a day habit. when we spend $100 million a day and send it to iran, a primary potential enemy, that is a national security issue. it's a military issue. we've got to sell that to america. what happened in the gulf, and this terrific oil spill that's going on, we developed the technology to get after it. as we do so, as our needs grow, and we're pushing well heads down 5,000 feet under the water, we're on the edge of our technological capacity to get it, and we're beyond, apparently, our technological capacity to right a wrong when disaster strikes. so we're -- we're going into dangerous regions now.
1:44 pm
>> what about the carbon tax piece of this? you've got the economy just coming out of a recession. and especially in areas of the country where people are so resistant to the carbon tax. how do you sell this very tough political piece to the american people? >> it's frequently difficult to sell the idea of spending money today to save greater money in the future. spending a little bit of money today, most of which, by the way, will come back to the consumer in price supports for energy bills that are going to go up, and eventually 100% will come back to energy consumers. but it drives us to reliable energy, to sustainable energy, to nonoil energy options. it's a job provider, and it will ultimately reduce the requirements imposed upon the military, as i mentioned earlier, to sustain the lines of
1:45 pm
communication that we've got to do. >> general paul eaton, thank you so much. we appreciate it. the case for national security on climate change. tomorrow on the show, john kerry will join us here. senator kerry will be right here to talk about the climate bill and everything else. that's tomorrow right here on "andrea mitchell reports." next, what political story will be making headlines in the next 24 hours? be sure to follow the show online at and on twitter. this is "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. [ male announcer ] at triscuit,
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build a car you're proud of. ♪ of course, winning's not bad either. the subaru forester. the most award-winning small suv. isn't it nice when honest virtues win ? an update now on delaware attorney general bo biden. state officials say biden continues to progress as he recovers from a mild stroke. doctors say the 41-year-old is following standard protocol and
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will continue to receive medical therapy. he is hospitalized in philadelphia. which political story will be making headlines in the next 24 hours? supreme court nominee elena kagan will be back on capitol hill tomorrow meeting with senator specter and others. chris cillizza managing editor of post and author of "the fix" blog, how do you see this confirmation process going as they gear up? i mentioned earlier the white house doing this staged interview with the white house staff person and posting it online as though it were real. shame, shame. >> andrea, it's so funny you mention that. we can get to tomorrow. i saw it and i thought, huh. they gave a sitdown to a reporter. no, they didn't give a sitdown to a reporter. it is amazing the ways in which the story is told. so much of this is a battle for the narrative. and these meetings are part of that narrative. again, the supreme court nominee ms. kagan wants to go there and show deference to the senators, understanding that this is their process and she wants to follow
1:50 pm
that process. ultimately, does anything really come of these meetings? typically not. you have harry reid the majority leader saying he wants to smooth the process, you have mitch mcconnell the senate minority leader saying we need to do this in an orderly way. you mentioned arlen specter. that may be the most fascinating of all, because of his primary, because he voted against her for solicitor general. my guess is senator specter will be effusive in his comments tomorrow after meeting with the supreme court nominee. >> arlen specter got himself on the wrong side of republicans by going against bork and got himself on the wrong side with women and liberals in pennsylvania and had a tough re-election fight because he was too tough on anita hill in the clarence thomas hearings. >> absolutely. >> so supreme court nomination nations -- >> it parallels his political career. fascinating. >> let's talk about the republican national convention. where are we going to be in 2012? >> we believe in tampa, florida. there is a vote at 2:00 today,
1:51 pm
though the common assumption is that we're going to be in tampa, florida, if for no other reason than the other two options, salt lake city, probably out given that not sure about mitt romney and what's going to happen there as a potential nominee and then phoenix being the other option and that, clearly, now out. republicans do not want to send a signal that the place that has passed the harshest immigration law in the country that they're going to put that there sending a signal to hispanics please do not vote for us. we expect a formal announcement of tampa within the next hour or two, so get the hotels ready and i'll see you there. >> tampa in august. >> see you in tampa in august. >> cheers tampa. here is salt lake. august. doesn't seem to add up. what's happening in florida right now? just button that down in terms of crist and where he stands. >> that's one interesting thing,
1:52 pm
andrea. i think the context of, assuming it is tampa, the context is fascinating. you have a lot at stake in 2010 before the 2012 election. we assume florida generally is going to be very competitive. president obama against the republican nominee. but remember, you have a fascinating senate race. mark arubio versus kendrick meek versus charlie crist now the independent. you also have a governor's race with bill mccullum running, sync the democrat. there is a lot going none florida. i haven't talked about the house races. we only have a few minutes. there is a lot going on in the state that is going to color this convention. are republicans going to be absolutely jubilant they have a new senator, new governor, or are they going to be despondent if they lose those two races? but we do know florida is going to be central as it has been for the last several elections, to the fate of president obama or
1:53 pm
the republican nominee. >> i remember what he used to say, florida, florida, florida. the president is going to buffalo tomorrow for an economic event and then back to new york city for political fund raising. we thank you very much, chris cillizza. >> thank you. >> that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell rorlts." tamron hall is up next with new details on the over-the-counter dna tests arriving in drug stores this week. how accurate are they? tomorrow on the show senator john kerry and the results of our new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. remember you can follow the show online and on twitter. you're watching "andrea mitchell you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc.... no. you know how... no. so, doc, i've got this friend... [ male announcer ] talking to your doctor about erectile dysfunction isn't easy.
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i'm tamron hall right now on msnbc, news live, mystery surrounds the death of a 25-year-old pro golfer.
1:57 pm
her body was found in her home, bags packed for her next tournament. what caused her death? and sole survivor. a 10-year-old child appears to be the only person to live after a plane crash in libya kills more than 100 people. the latest on the investigation into what caused the awful crash. and genetic testing right in your own home. find out if you are at risk for alzheimer's, heart disease, and several other life threatening medical conditions but some are asking if what you know can hurt you. and has it happened again to apple? another possible iphone prototype surfaces before it hits the store shelves, this one surfacing in vietnam. but is it the real thing? we begin with the mysterious death of an up and coming professional golfer, 25-year-old erica blasburg found dead in her home just outside of las vegas on sunday. her body was found after police received a 911 call. officials haven't said who made the call and have also not said
1:58 pm
how erica died. her father first said it might have been suicide but he is now back tracking on those words. former fbi criminal profiler clint van zandt joins me from washington, d.c. here you have this young woman, her bags were packed, and now they're looking into how she died. >> yeah, let's talk about suicide real quick. about a million people in the united states attempt suicide every year. about 35,000 succeed. that's the suicide every 16 minutes. we know that, unfortunately, about three times as many women attempt suicide as men. men are more successful because they use a gun most of the time, at least in 60% of the times. so is that potential there? i think the family and investigators have to look into the behavioral aspect. what was going on in her life? her father said she thought about quitting golf last year. it was a tough year on her. but she was back this year. somebody gave her her own personal golf bag.
1:59 pm
she was going out in a new tournament. but let's talk about the crime scene, tamron. you look at that when you do these stories all the time. there is no evidence we're told of any break-in in the house. there is no evidence that the victim fought or struggled with someone. what investigators are going to look for just like on "csi" number one hemorrhaging in her eyes and face to indicate it might have been a suffocation like with a pillow or they'll look and see if her u-shaped bone that sits right under the tongue, many times that is fractured if someone is strangled. they have a lot to look at right now but they say they're waiting for toxicology reports. perhaps suggesting she may have ingested something that they want to find out what she took, was it intentional, or was it something forced upon her? >> you mentioned the toxicology tests. the report is supposed to be back between four to eight weeks, a long period of time for her family


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